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Hotel Impossible Packing Heat for Vacationland Inn           

Allan and Leeanne Hewey are the Managing Partners of Vacationland Inns. Allan was a Fire Chief and Leeanne was a Marketing and Advertising Consultant prior to coming to the greater Bangor area. Hospitality was all new to Leeanne and Allan. The journey has been an adventure. We use to watch the Hotel Impossible series trying to learn from others' experiences. Leeanne wrote to the producers of the show asking for help. After 4 years of being the General Manager and Operation Manager for the former owners, Hotel Impossible came to try to help them all to get to the next level. Although we knew that either the owners or the managers would be beat up hard, we stuck together and worked on a plan for everyone to be successful in this hotel business. The series was called  "Packing Heat" in Season 5. Take the opportunity to learn the complete story from us directly. We now have over 40 cameras installed and every door is triple locked. We have done everything suggested to meet the safety and comfort of our guests coming to Maine!     

In January 2015  Anthony and the production crew wanted us to come to Panama to an episode.  Anthony said he wanted to get us a hotel. He was willing to purchase this hotel and bring us in as his management team. The owners of the hotel in Panama didn't end up selling and wouldn't listen to anything Anthony had to say so they ended up not getting to help these properties.  However in June 2015 they returned to MAINE!   Again, Anthony and the production crew called us in to chat with them.  We went to downtown Bangor Maine and ended up being  able to help the current owner get her dream of living in Florida with her family and we finally got a hotel  THE CHARLES INN in historic downtown Bangor Maine.   

We took ownership or The Charles Inn in September 2015, however stayed working with Vacationland Inn until March of 2016. In the process  Vacationland Inn was up for sale and another Maine Family was purchasing it. We connected with this family and  in July 2016 we shook hands and began a great partnership owning the two hotels together. An amazing journey.   

2020 has been an unbelievable year however, we are still serving the essential travelers and have not had to stop our upgrades and remodels. A tour of these hotels will get you our entire journey and story.  We love to meet people from all over the world and certainly look forward to meeting travelers from all over the world.